Welcome to Mentor Mesh

A supporting community of lifelong learners seeking to grow in the tech industry.

Our Founder: Jae Taylor

Jae's been in the tech industry for 15+ years. He's worked for some of the world's top tech companies, including Microsoft, Salesforce, and Expedia. When he started, he had no connections in the industry and no bachelor's degree (still don't); we think he has a unique story to tell and can help many people overcome doubt and succeed. 

Why You Should Join Mentor Mesh

Mentorship is the biggest gap in the learning process. In a field that changes so fast like technology, a mentor can make sure you are learning what is most relevant, which is not always what educational books will advise you. 

You also need a community of other people on the same journey. This helps you get through the hard times and push forward and encourage each other. 

A Big Thanks from Jae

Thank you to all my former colleagues and friends helping to support all the students in the MentorMesh.io network! You are the key to their success.

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